Generation Fire

A Generation Called to Carry and Spread the Fire of God

Generation Fire is a international movement contending for a generation to carry and spread the fire of God.

We do this through a lifestyle of hosting his presence fuelled by Worship & Prayer furnaces , gatherings of revivalists and sending teams to nations. 


Messengers of Fire Report

What did God do in Poatina, Who Came, The Stories, The Memories


God is raising up in these last days a Generation Called to Carry and Spread the Fire of God.  In 2008 hecalled us to Gather in the Blue Mountains and now He is Calling for us to Gather Again.  

We Believe that Jesus is Returning soon to Rule and Reign as King of Kings and He is looking for a Generation that would pick up the Call to be His Messengers of Fire.  Jesus said himself Luke 12:49 I have come to bring a Fire to the Earth and how I wish it was blazing already.

Jesus is the Rider of the White Horse, He is Our King , and Commander in Chief.  All those who resonate with being a radical lover of Jesus Christ, a Radical Disciple , a Revivalist / Firestarter.  The Call is going out to the nations to converge and gather.

Smith Wigglesworth Prophecied 100 hundred Years ago that the Last Great Outpouring before the Return of Christ would take place in Australia & NZ.   In 1996 God spoke through men of God that Fire Starters would be sent out.  We are now beginning to see many respond to the Call of God to be a Carrier of his Presence.

Arriving into Poatina

On Monday 7th July - Hundreds of people boarded flights and travelled from around Australia , and teams arrived from New Zealand, Bangladesh, Solomon Islands , Canada and the Philippines.


Several bus pickups from the Airport were made from Sunday Evening & all throughout the Monday taking people to the Foothills of the Western Tiers at Poatina. 

Worship Sessions:  

Monday Evening Session

At this years International Gathering we experienced an incredible manifestation of Gods Presence, spirit led worship, spontaneous dance and prophetic art. The Worship Team did an amazing job led by Marty Mitchell and with only one afternoon to rehearse and connect together they were amazingly sensitive to the Holy Spirit and provided freedom and a safe space for people to meet with God.

The Monday Evening Session saw some challenges for the Team as the Sound Crew tried to work with a very old sound system.  The Sound System had crashed 3 times. Things were out of our hands, so we had to resort to acoustic worship and became alot like a United Pursuit style gathering. 


Tuesday Morning 8th July

After a challenging start to the time together we had sense there was a real spiritual battle in contending for what god was wanting to do. As a team we were ready for this meeting to go either way.  And acknowledged that this was out of our hands.  We had to completely trust God that he had this in his hands. Worship expressed through song and dance continued right through to morning tea , there was a real flow of the holy spirit and we were on track where with what God was wanting to pour out.

After the Morning Tea break in the second session we had the priviledged of welcoming Kris Schlyder to bring a word on Spritiual Anzacs and brought an accurate account on the Battle of Beesheba and role of Australia and New Zealand as the Anzacs.

Tuesday Afternoon 

4 workshops had been held back to back in the training centre. And another workshop was held in the Mainhall and the chapel had been set up as a prayer room which was beautifully decorated.

Tuesday Evening 

Tuesday evening was a special night as we were able to welcome all of our Internationals including the team from the Solomon Islands.

Their arrival to Poatina was a miracle itself .   We didn't know until the Monday Morning that there Visa had been approved.  And they arrived safely into Launceston on the Tuesday afternoon.  So the evening session was special.

Wednesday Morning

A new day - it was the 9th July.  The Day started with this amazing view of the Sun rising and it looked as though the Glory of God was shining through the clouds.

This particular session was really to be the Highlight of the time together.  From the moment of walking into the main hall you could sense the Tangible Presence of God. A Real moment of Holiness. I have not been in a meeting where the Presence of God was so thick that I could literally not say a word.  The Only thing we could do was to Worship the Lord. It was clearly a sovereign visitation of the Most High. During the morning the worship continued for over 2 hours, Spontaneous Dance and Banner Worship Broke out, intercession for Israel began as we had heard that war had broken out.  Some members of our team had seen Angelic Activity and an appearance of a Cloud of Glory that hovered over the Group of people worshipping the Lord. This continued for a good part of an hour.

We had great difficulty looking for an open door to transition to the next session,  infact there was really no break, people stayed in the main hall waiting on the lord.  It was amazing to see such Hunger for God. 

Romans 9:9 was declared - Isaac has been born, something was birthed in Tasmania, God had met with us it was beyond expectation.

Katheryn Yaxley had brought the word of the Lord - in the session before Lunch and spoke brilliantly sharing the Prophetic purpose and call over Tasmania.

Wednesday Afternoon


During the Afternoon more workshops were held followed by an International Session for those who wanted to be involved or more engaged with Generation Fire.

The afternoon Leaders session was powerful - all of us breaking into groups of 4 -5 and we took time to waite on the lord and to pray for the movement for God to reveal his strategy and purpose for the next 7 years. Many received visions, prophetic words and we had someone fill an entire whiteboard full of different words.

The International Session concluded with someone receiving a word about a Person of Peace stepping up for different nations. And as we all waited we saw the whole New Zealand team step forward - and then what took place was the Whole New Zealand team stood up with the Canadian team and it was like 3 flames had joined together and we joined hands and the Fire of God Hit us all.  It was a confirmation.

Wednesday Evening

The Wednesday Evening Session was a special night for Internationals. It was a night of encounter, a Night of hearing the sounds from different nations.  It was a night of healing and restoration.

We had given all the different teams an opportunity to minister and bring forth a word or a song to the whole group.

Goals achieved at this years International Gathering

  • 130 commissioned as Messengers of Fire. 
  • New Zealand, Canada , Italy & Israel were welcomed into the International Family
  • An International Team is coming together
  • Prophetic Words from our International Session will be posted up in due time.


During the meal times there was an incredible sense of Kingdom Community as people got to know each other , many divine kingdom connections took place and deep friendships were forged.

The Memories

Testimonial from Canada Click Here

We will be adding more photos to this gallery.  And in the near distance future we will be posting videos that were taken during our time at Poatina

There has been a shortfall for hosting this event.  If you have been blessed by what God has done please consider sending a one time gift or become a regular financial sponsor for Generation Fire.

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