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Generation Fire is a international movement contending for a generation to carry and spread the fire of God.

We do this through a lifestyle of hosting his presence fuelled by Worship & Prayer furnaces , gatherings of revivalists and sending teams to nations. 


Liberating Afghanistan and Pakistan from the Taliban: A Special United Prayer Focus for 2013

Hey Everyone - We are encouraging everyone to join in this call to see Pakistan and Afghanistan set free from Radical Islam.

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The Lord is answering as we continue pray with unity, faith and authority! However, as Elisha told the king in his battle with the enemy, we need to keep beating the ground with the arrows, that is persevere, to see a full and thorough breakthrough. We also need to get many thousands more uniting in prayer with us. Please share this material with others and let's trust the Lord for answers to every request below as we agree and pray specifically together. With God, all things are indeed possible, and because of the authority He has given to us as His children, the history of these two nations is literally in our hands and will be determined by our authoritative praying!

This material comes from two veteran experts on these countries - David and Michael - and we thank them for their insightful contributions to this prayer initiative. Please pray God's blessing and protection over them, their families and ministries.

First, here is some good news of answered prayer to encourage us:  

1. A Taliban group was caught last Tuesday that was about to attack different sites; 5 killed and 2 captured.

2. A truck they set with 8 tons of explosives did not blow up. It was the largest truck bomb diffused in the city--had potential of destroying a radius of 1,500 meters. Some captured.

3. Taliban leaders captured. A leader crossing from Pakistan into Afghanistan was captured. Another leader involved in Pakistan killings of several innocents was captured. 

4. Every week, good reports come out. Yesterday, another person armed with a bomb had it explode prematurely.

5. More intercessors are returning to Afghanistan; that has not happened in quite some time. 

6. Leaders of the Pashtun tribe where the warriors have come from have stood against the Taliban in some of the areas and told them they cannot use their areas any more.

Here are the continuing prayer concerns for the coming month:

Prayer Requests:

1. Pray the Taliban be caught and their networks be destroyed. Pray the leaders be captured if they don't want to repent. Pray their unity be broken and their supply lines be cut off. Pray there will be no Spring offensive as has been announced. 

2. Pray more tribal areas where the Taliban came from would stand up against them and not allow these terrorists to go through and/or use their lands.   

3. Pray for the president of Afghanistan to change and stop making offensive/damaging remarks that cause distrust among the ethnic groups and with NATO. 

4. Pray the country stays together in unity.   

5. Pray for the elections for Afghanistan's president (a year from now). It is time to pray for the right candidate to come forward!   

6. Pray for a good relationship between the Afghan government and NATO forces.   

7. Pray for the ex-pats and local believers to be given courage and strength to stand and pray as they are key to pray inside the country.    

8. Pray for the teams going into the country in the next couple weeks (April 3-16) for His protection and that God will give clear direction how to pray. The Lord has revealed certain roots that need to be uprooted (the way Islam came into the country, demonic powers that are worshiped, etc.). Jer. 1:10 "See, today I appoint you over nations and kingdoms to uproot and tear down, to destroy and overthrow, to build and to plant." Pray that the Lord will expose the roots and use our prayers to pull them up.   

9. Please pray for the few million Afghan refugees in Iran, Pakistan and other  countries that  they  may  be  reached  with  His  love  and Gospel. May the Lord grant them dreams and visions of Jesus!   

10. Pray for laborers for the Afghan - refugees and  asylum - seekers  across  diff.  Western  nations,  that  fellowships  would  be  planted  among  them.   

11. In the authority of the Lord, bind and nullify with us aggressively the  evil covenants  of  Afghan  and Pakistani  political leaders  and  Taliban / Al Qaida / Haqqani  terrorists  with  demonic powers / rulers  through  blood  sacrifices,  witchcraft  &  rituals.   Bind and break  the  covenant  of  death  and  destruction! (See Matt.12, 28 - 29; 2 Cor.10, 3-5.  

12. These are provincial areas from which the Taliban need to be uprooted and driven out. Pray that Afghan forces, supported by local villagers and NATO will be effective in defeating and dislodging them:

Laghman - a Taliban stronghold close to Kabul, the capital. The provincial capital, Mehtar Lam, is especially insecure. Was handed over by NATO to Afghan forces in 2010

Nangarhar - many of its districts are often attacked by insurgents - Chaprihar district lies 15km from the capital Jalalabad but is a no-go area for government employee

Zabul - this strategically important province, providing access to Ghazni, Uruzgan and Kandahar, now has virtually no Nato presence. The Taliban have filled the vacuum

Ghazni - like Zabul has almost no NATO presence, allowing the Taliban and al-Qaeda to assume control

Helmand - Kabul's writ has never run strong in the remote southern plains

Kandahar - spiritual home of the Taliban, who retain a presence in rural areas   


We are in a spiritual, not earthly, battle which is summed up in Eph. 6 (v. 12 "Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark work and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.) Michael sees a hierarchy/order from top to bottom of command. Over Pakistan and Afghanistan at the top of which is Satan who is there to steal, kill, and destroy. Under Satan is a spiritual prince of death. Under that prince of death are the pirs, religious leaders who traffick with demons. They have a central place of occult power (Uch Sharif) where evil spreads out into 8 areas and then across the land. There are many strongholds that they control. Everyone goes to these demonic spirit mediums (religious leaders; note the # of terrorists whose names begin with religious titles such as "Mullah" or "Malawi"/"Maulvi"/"Moulvi").

Elections are critical. If Pakistan falls into the hands of Islamic radicals, Afghanistan will fall as well. The leader of the present party in office has a history of being banned from the country. He got in through a string of many deaths. At the time, there was violence in the country. He got into power through one of the pirs. One of these demonic spirit mediums lives with him today. The president carries out blood sacrifices daily offered to the prince of death.

This party would be in a position to get their hands on Pakistan's many nuclear weapons and could use them against other nations, including Israel, India and the West. This is a huge international security concern so please pray this man does not get into power!

Parliament has just been dissolved. Now just one month until elections. Only God can change this-we have to pray.

God's answers to rejoice in:

1. We prayed that the Taliban groups would fight against each other. This has happened.    

2. We prayed big-named Taliban leaders would be brought down. God is answering. Two big names were arrested; 1) One directed the warriors over the airwaves. He is gone/lost; 2) The other was as big a Taliban as you can get-arrested and is believed to have been in on the planning of 9-11. He is the leader of the two most feared warrior groups in the country. Since the beginning of this year, his group has carried out 4 large prince-of-death incidents in the country. Pray for him as he is as dangerous in custody as out of custody.    

3. God is raising up strong prayer warriors. A pastor lived in the middle of where the 200 homes were burned. After coming to a prayer seminar, he said he learned to pray and was anointed with power. He learned to listen to God and wants to be like Moses. Every morning, he waits to hear from God and then goes out. His ministry changed. Even Christians who laughed at him now come to him to ask, "What is your God saying?" Before the homes were burned, he went to the area and said, "Wake up and pray! If you do not, evil is going to come to this area." His daughter reminded him, saying, " told us to pray and God would do miracles. We heard the terrorists coming. We could smell the gas and the fire. They came right up to our home, and they stopped and turned around and went away."

Prayer Requests:

1. The Christians in Pakistan are afraid especially after about 200 of their homes were burned in Lahore recently. Pray against fear.    

2. Pray that God would give insight into this spiritual order/hierarchy and pray it down. Pray against the prince of death who rules over the area. Pray against the different demonic pirs (spirit mediums) and their strongholds to be brought down and crushed. Pray against the "prince of death" which rules over the area of Pakistan and Afghanistan.    

3. Pray for the elections this month. Pray against and cut off the power of any blood sacrifices to the prince of death by any president. Pray for the corrupt/spiritually-dark parties that seek office and for a new God-fearing leader to rise up. Elections are scheduled to be held May 11th. The present government has been dissolved (normal procedure) and an interim prime minister is yet to be appointed. The major contender for this interim position is a man who is one of these "demonic princes" and has great power in the evil realm. Continue to pray that the radical candidate who promises to work with the Taliban and bring in Sharia law will not be elected.     

4. Pray that God will deal with the captured Taliban leader who was one of the leading strategists for global incidents of destruction/violence. Pray his group will lose their power.    

5. Pray for Christians to be bold. Pray more Christians will rise up in prayer. Pray for more prayer groups to be started. Pray for 24/7 prayer to develop across the nation. Only God can fight the prince of death. We must go to Him in prayer.    

6. Pray for the prayer teams going into the country in April to pray down the strongholds and their leaders.     

7. Pray for the prayer team going to Pakistan, April 16-23. It has been very difficult for anyone to get visas. The person who lived there and could guide the team was unable to get a visa. Pray he will know how to direct from outside the country. This will be a small team. Pray for the right Pakistanis to join them. Pray for strong protection as they plan to pray at the central stronghold and other places in this country. As above, pray for physical and spiritual protection.     

8. April 16-20 eight Pakistanis will be traveling to Dubai for some in-depth teaching on taking out strongholds. Pray for this time of teaching. Pray for eyes and ears to understand. Pray for the two men who will be doing this teaching - one a veteran worker from Pakistan and the other a prayer leader from a neighboring country. Several of the Pakistanis will join the team at the central stronghold when they return to Pakistan. Pray for their protection.