Generation Fire

A Generation Called to Carry and Spread the Fire of God

Generation Fire is a international movement contending for a generation to carry and spread the fire of God.

We do this through a lifestyle of hosting his presence fuelled by Worship & Prayer furnaces , gatherings of revivalists and sending teams to nations. 


10 Days of Awe

A Call to Stand in Awe - Inviting You to mark this moment and Worship Him, and burn for him.

For the next 10 days, beginning with the commencement tomorrow of Rosh Hashanah at sunset, we will observe the "Ten Days of Awe" that lead up to the holiest day of the year on the Hebrew calendar...Yom Kippur.  We will examine exactly what REPENTANCE means.  Most importantly, what does it mean to God, according to His Holy Word. 

Interestingly, there are 10 letters in the word REPENTANCE.  Each day, for ten days, we will be sending out a new devotional written by 10 authors from all over the globe.  Some are Pastors, others are just "regular people" with a passion to see a genuine spirit of repentance take root in their nations against the evil spirit of human secularism that threatens to destroy our societies. 

We hope you will follow along as we humbly and reverently proceed on our knees to Yom Kippur, taking each day as a step up closer to kneeling at God's Holy Throne.  This is a powerful opportunity to commune with God Almighty.  These dates were commanded by God as "statutes forever" and were never meant to be disregarded.

This shall be a statute forever for you: In the seventh month, on the tenth day of the month, you shall afflict your souls, and do no work at all, whether a native of your own country or a stranger who dwells among you...It is a sabbath of solemn rest for you, and you shall afflict your souls. It is a statute forever.

 ~Leviticus 16:29-31

To put this scripture into our modern day context, the 7th month, 10th day of the month is Tishrei 10 in the Hebrew calendar.  In our Western Gregorian calendar, Yom Kippur begins this year at sunset on Friday, October 3rd through nightfall Saturday, October 4th. This year of 2014, in particular, it is an extremely High Holy day as it also falls on the Sabbath.  Truly God is giving us a SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY to seek Him through prayer, fasting and repentance. 

Also the tenth day of this seventh month shall be the Day of Atonement...It shall be to you a sabbath of solemn rest, and you shall afflict your souls; on the ninth day of the month at evening, from evening to evening, you shall celebrate your sabbath.

~Leviticus 23: 27 & 32