Generation Fire

A Generation Called to Carry and Spread the Fire of God

Generation Fire is a international movement contending for a generation to carry and spread the fire of God.

We do this through a lifestyle of hosting his presence fuelled by Worship & Prayer furnaces , gatherings of revivalists and sending teams to nations. 


Last Week to Register

Just weeks away now and we will all be meeting in Poatina Tasmania.  We are excited to say we have now over 70 people registered and we will see a last minute rush as everyone tries to beat the deadline which is Monday the 23rd June.

Preparing for Tasmania 

It's winter in Australia and Tasmania has a European Climate so average day time Tempature could be around 10 Degrees Celcius and during the evenings below Zero.  Please bring warm clothing, bible, Notepad and a some spare change.

If you are able to bring additional Winter Jackets that would be appreciated as we will have some International Delegates who are coming from Sub Tropical Climates.


If you are driving to Poatina and will be participating with any of the Mission Adventures following the gathering please contact our team asap


If you just happen to be a day early in Tasmania - Being Sunday the 6th July we would love to hear from you as voluteers are required to help with setting up for Monday

Childrens Workshop - Please be advise that the Childrens Workshop will now be a Childrens Program - If you have Children you would like to bring to Poatina they will be most welcome and will have plenty to do during the 3 days.

Musicians:  If you have registered and you are participating in the Prophetic Worship Workshop or you would like to be involved with worship during the gathering please email