Generation Fire

A Generation Called to Carry and Spread the Fire of God

Generation Fire is a international movement contending for a generation to carry and spread the fire of God.

We do this through a lifestyle of hosting his presence fuelled by Worship & Prayer furnaces , gatherings of revivalists and sending teams to nations. 


Generation Fire Global Gathering

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9th - 12 September 2018  DUNEDIN NEW ZEALAND

Burns Lodge @ Holy Cross Centre Mosgiel Dunedin

Burns Lodge @ Holy Cross Centre Mosgiel Dunedin

The Story

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In 2006 , exactly 12 years ago God spoke to a group of young adults about a Call he was giving to raise up a Generation called to Carry and Spread the Fire of God.   This was a forerunner call preceding a Firestorm of the Glory of God that would cover the earth as water covers the sea. In the last 12 years as a team, we have gone out to share this message and call about the Father’s Heart to call a generation to himself.   He spoke to us through Luke 12:49 , Matt 3: 11. Psalm 24:6 , Joel 2 , and Ezekiel 10:2 and many other versions.

The Vision of the Firestorm was first given in 1998  during a revival in Pensacola Florida , Donny McGregor the founder of Generation Fire had spent a week attending the Revival Meetings when taken into a open vision , what he saw was a vision of this one massive wave coming from the east.  Above the wave was the Hand of God and it was as if this hand was sweeping over the earth and this Wave of Fire and Glory was coming with it.  This one encounter was the beginning of a Journey. 2 Years Later whilst driving on a Motorway he received a phone call that turned  into a divine appointment with a Spiritual Father in the prayer movement by the name of Noel Bell,  Noel bell prophesied about laying the foundation of the coming firestorm.

Since that time there have been many adventures and encounters with God which have all be waiting for a day when we see a Wave come that is Huge that brings the Fire and Glory of God and there is nothing that can stop in.


In 2007 at a Children’s Prayer Network conference intercession came over a group of Children after Donny had spoken about the Coming Firestorm.  The children began to speak out - Nothing can stop the fire.

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Last year at the South Asian Generation Fire Gathering - God spoke to the team about New Zealand being the Nation that would host the Next International Gathering.  Trish Keenan and a small team from New Zealand were on the team.  On the way to the airport the Holy Spirit gave Trish a Word ( FIRESTORM) it was confirmed that New Zealand would host this next gathering.

The Generation Fire Team is inviting all our friends and Spiritual Family worldwide those who have been to Gatherings in the Past to converge on Dunedin New Zealand. This Marks 12 Years as a movement and this will be the first time it will be held outside of Australia.


This years Global Gathering will begin on Sunday evening 9th September 2018 as the opening session followed by Sessions up until Wednesday 12th September.   Every Session is led by the Holy Spirit with no advertised Speakers.   We are anticipating deep worship encounters with Jesus.   The worship team will be made of people from many different churches who have a hunger and passion for Jesus.

This Gathering is open to the Whole Body of Christ and anyone who has a Hunger for God, a Hunger for Revival and Love seeing the Body of Christ come together in Unity.

International Gatherings see people come from many different nations who have one thing in common a Deep Love for Jesus and a Call to Burn for Him and to Carry His Presence and His Fire.

We are encouraging Pastors and Leaders to consider inviting Youth And Young Adults from across the Region to participate in this Gathering ,  All ages are welcome

Speakers :    We will be making some announcements a bit closer to the Gathering - The Special Guest is the Holy Spirit.  All of our speakers are very anointed and very much in Love with Jesus.  Speakers will be announced for Workshops.


Workshops happen at Generation Fire Gatherings because as a movement will be taking place in the afternoons , these are amazing times of being equipped and empowered to advance the Kingdom of God.  Some of the topics that will be covered.
Kingdom Business,  Prayer Furnaces, Fire hubs,  Love in Action , Prophetic Worship,  Equipping the Next Generation, Houses of Prayer

DUNEDIN  ABLAZE -  Thursday 13th & Friday 14th September

Generation Fire as a movement is passionate about seeing the marriage between Prayer and Mission.  The Churches of Dunedin have opened the Door for Teams of Firestarters to converge on the City and bring the Good News of the Gospel to the people of Dunedin.

Thursday & Friday will be 2 Days where teams full of the Fire of the Holy Spirit would be sent being Led by the Holy Spirit to Bless Dunedin , whether it be to pray over the city,  Heal the sick , Prophesy ,  lead people to Jesus.


There will be a Prayer Space set up for people to come and spent time with God , we encourage you to put your name down in a time slot to cover this Gathering with Prayer and Intercession



About Burns Lodge

We are only a 15min drive from Dunedin International Airport. With such a short drive Burns Lodge is ideally situated for conference and events without the hassel of travelling into Dunedin city



Registration & Packages for FIrestorm 2018

International Registrations Close on the 30th August ,  Local NZ Registrations will be accepted until Friday 7th September

Please fill out the form below to express your intent to come to Firestorm 2018

Registrations are now closed
For Internationals and AUstralians




If you are a business owner and would like to help sponsor someone from a third world country to come to New Zealand we would welcome your Support , Anyone who is led to make a donation towards Firestorm we welcome.  Receipts can be provided and we can include your business logo as a sponsor