Generation Fire

A Generation Called to Carry and Spread the Fire of God

Generation Fire is a international movement contending for a generation to carry and spread the fire of God.

We do this through a lifestyle of hosting his presence fuelled by Worship & Prayer furnaces , gatherings of revivalists and sending teams to nations. 


 Igniting Prayer Furnaces across Cities and Nations and University Campuses

As an end times movement - we have been priviledged to be apart of move of God that has been sweeping around the world through 24-7 houses of prayer.

Jesus has called us to call forth a generation that would carry his fire and presence - the fuel for such a movement is through day & night prayer.

Today we are responding to such a call to light fires and to return to our first love being Jesus this is done through Prayer furnaces or what we call ( The furnace)  

Houses of Prayer that release His Presence, His fire and Glory.

The Furnace is an expression of church which could be a 24-7 House of Prayer or a gathering  of believers who have a hunger for Jesus who meet together once a month for 5- 12 hours of back to back Worship & Intecession which would provide a place for the fire of God to burn in the hearts of people. Its out of these prayer furnaces where the mission can happen, new churches can be started - the kingdom purposes of god can be released into communities.  We have seen people walk in off the steets - drawn by the the Holy Spirit and not know how they end up in such a meeting - it is wild.

Anyone can start a Prayer Furnace in any place at anytime you can start off with just holding prayer meetings then progress into a small group then you could transition to once a month 24hour prayer & worship nights.  

The Furnace is a bringing together of those with a gift in the arts, the prophetic, worship , evangelism and intercession.  Its about seeing a release of the kingdom of God into all over those areas. And being doused with the fire of God so we totally burn for Jesus with a love, a passion, a hunger that spreads like a firestorm over our generation. It can be a group of youth ministries who have desire to see their youth on fire for god just simply coming together to burn for Jesus through prophetic worship, intense and passionate prayer and intimacy with god. Pray for those to receive the fire of God.

Or it can be a small group of 6 people with a burden for revival who want to pray on campus

Its about responding to Jesus call to see a restoration of the tabernacle of David and to see his church become a house of prayer once again. We want to see furnaces start in places across australia- and in nations where there are the most unreached people groups.

The Furnace is a responce to the mandate in Ezekiel 10:2  With your hands take a handful of burning coals of fire and take the coals and scatter them over the city.

The Furnace is an expression of these coals being strategically scattered across a city.  Anything that touches the coal will catch alight. We are looking for those god is calling or raising up as Firestarters - you know who you are- your heart burns for Jesus.

We would love for you to become involved in helping fan the flame and spreading the fire.  To start a furnace in your community please express your interest by emailing our team How to become involved with Generation fire or Starting a furnace

A) Download the Prayer Manual or Resource to share the concept with others

B) Begin spending time daily in prayer for people to join with you in such a vision 

C) As you develop a team and you have a place to gather begin sharing with other leaders about your vision to start a Prayer furnace and refer them to this website to know more about the vision of Generation fire.

D) Register your Interest by filing out a form below

Online Resource on How to start a Prayer furnace