Generation Fire

A Generation Called to Carry and Spread the Fire of God

Generation Fire is a international movement contending for a generation to carry and spread the fire of God.

We do this through a lifestyle of hosting his presence fuelled by Worship & Prayer furnaces , gatherings of revivalists and sending teams to nations. 



Since arriving in the Philippines I've been anticipating and preparing my heart for the work God has for me to do, the people he would lead me to minister and share the good news of the gospel of our Lord Jesus.

Coming back here, I've had the usual set backs in the first weeks, feelings of homesickeness, hopelessness as you get caught up in the reverse culture shock of again adapting to the environment of Manila- the traffic, the heat, the stormy weather (bagyo), the pollution, the noise, the new place of stay, the ways here that are so different to Sydney the comfortable lifestyle I'm usually used to in our abundance in Australia is nowhere to be seen here. 

But with all that, after the initial weeks of readjusting and adapting, I again begin to find my love for the country, my call to serve here and my mission to reach out to those God would lead me to share His love and faithfulness.

Since coming home, I have been reconnecting with old friends that I have ministered to and reaching out to those who live where I stay the Kalayaan compound. Comprising of a small community a squatter area composed of different statures of people, some well off compared to others,but many not so well off and just getting by with the means they find everyday to make money.

Fellowship and friendship is the start of ministering to them, and as much as possible i try to give time, to listen to them, eat with them, and try to help in small ways like give some needs they might have for their children i.e. shoes, clothes, food. With these little acts I hope to estsblish relationship that will oneday lead to inviting them to regular bible studies.

Kalayaan Ministries will be starting this Saturday. After waiting approval from the Baragany Captain and head of the association of the compound, getting their permission and signature on the letter I wrote, we can now start this saturday the ministry that we had been oraying for and wanting to start since 2 years ago.

We hope to hold this forthnightly in the next coming months, it will be a children's feeding as well as bible study lessons and activities like arts and craft, games and film showing on ocassions.

There are around 28 children, many of them fatherless. There is also a huge potential to reach out to the young single moms whose kids will be attending the program.

Wordcom church olongapo

In the past few weeks i have been meeting with the Pastor of WCC olongapo- pastor elemer, we discuss the needs of the church and he expresses that they are in need of help in building up the ministries.

The church has great potentioal to grow. It is currently in a transition stage of moving from one place of worship to another. They need help in building up their ministries and so I am assisting in trainings, and handling the youth and young pro ministry.

I can sense a great opportunity to start up furnaces and gathering wherein we can reignite the fire of these young people as we provide a place for them where they can come seek God in prayer and soak in His presence in worship, something i feel the young people need and are thirsty for. I pray for fire to come down on us.



Last sunday I also had the priviledge of being a guest speaker at WCC Olongapo. It's always a joy to visit this church, they are a warm bunch and love to worship God with gladness in their hearts despite the floods they have had to overcome this rainy season. I truly believe greater things are yet to come for this church.



Children's Feeding/Community outreach

We have also started our fortnightly feeding at Olongapo Cali. It will be a community outreach held every 2 weeks, reaching out to 100 kids both in community and at church.

We hope to continue this in the next months holding bible study lessons for the children, activities and games for them also in the hope that we will also be able to minister and reach out to the parents while we hold the feeding and programs for their children.

It is such a joy to watch the little children eat and enjoy the food we share with them, as well as their response and interaction with us and one another. They are a happy bunch despite their circumstances, masaya ang ma nga bata kahit mahirap lang sila. It's a a blessing to see how they appreciate even the smallest things and are contented with simple things.