Generation Fire

A Generation Called to Carry and Spread the Fire of God

Generation Fire is a international movement contending for a generation to carry and spread the fire of God.

We do this through a lifestyle of hosting his presence fuelled by Worship & Prayer furnaces , gatherings of revivalists and sending teams to nations. 


Solomons Islands October 28th till November 6th 2015

Our mission trip to the Solomons this year is going to be a big blessing to the nation, as well as for the team who heads off. We will be demonstrating the Love of Jesus in Action, as well as providing the spiritual fuel to fire-up growth and encouragement to the churches.

From October 28th till November 6th, our Genfire team will be focussed on bringing clean drinking water to the poor, plus medical missions with "free to the poor" jungle clinics. We will also be drilling wells and establishing Houses of Prayer/ Prayer Mountains, where the Fire of the Holy Spirit will be released to bring transformation and Revival across the nation.

We will be providing a water supply to Ngadiafiu Village on the island of Malaita. Funds have been raised by Tim Crockford through his"Wrecked for Water 2" appeal, to purchase a Glockerman hydraulic ram water pump. The aim is to to draw water from a mountain stream and send it 3.5 kilometres uphill to the village. Tim and Garry recently did the "Top Ten Peaks Challenge" in Australia, to raise money and awareness of the needs of the poor. They ran 55 kms in the Southern Alps in just one day. Well done Guys!

We will continue to support our friends in Fa'aura Village, with the establishing of the Orphans/ Visitors Centre. This year, Mick Fardell and his professional Screencraft film crew will be  travelling with us, and will witness the arrival of a brand new four wheel drive 39hp tractor well drilling rig from the USA. This has huge potential to change lives, both in the natural and also in the spiritual.

We are partnering with Rick Rupp from "CleanWater4Life" in Kansas. Recently, a Solomon's government official has offered his practical support to us in the providing of wells to remote islands. He has offered the use of his personal ship to get us all, plus the new equipment to where it is most needed. This exciting project will have us establishing clean drinking wells to villages where there are no access roads. Many requests are coming in from isolated villages for help. As practical love and support is being initiated, it quickly opens up opportunities for building friendships and establishing prayer and worship centres, to empower the next generation of Firestarters.

Other practical empowerment programmes include the continued expansion of the "Concrete Block making machine" and the milling of timber from the "Mobile Sawmill".

Our team consists of nurses, engineers, doctor, labourers, filmmakers, prayer warriors and pastoral intercessors. We will be living in the villages and also the town of Auki, and plan to facilitate Generation Fire Youth gatherings and evangelical outreaches to spread the Fire of God.

Please uphold the team with prayers and any financial support, or prayerfully consider joining in on the trip.

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