Generation Fire

A Generation Called to Carry and Spread the Fire of God

Generation Fire is a international movement contending for a generation to carry and spread the fire of God.

We do this through a lifestyle of hosting his presence fuelled by Worship & Prayer furnaces , gatherings of revivalists and sending teams to nations. 


This was Painted by Dianne Taylor - The Vision of a Heart being melted by Fire in the Centre of the Nation , which releases living water and healing over the land.

This was Painted by Dianne Taylor - The Vision of a Heart being melted by Fire in the Centre of the Nation , which releases living water and healing over the land.

Melted Hearts as One' is a Call to Gather people who desire to see Australia fulfil her destiny to be the Great South Land of the Holy Spirit.  As we come together from many different regions we come to be Melted in His Presence as we Gather to Seek his face.

And who has heard Gods Coo-ee Call to be a part of a Spiritual Anzac Army to bring this to pass. Generation Fire as a movement is joining together with other groups to see this happen. Melted Hearts as One is the National Gathering for 2017.





Oversight Team

Donny McGregor (Generation Fire)  Colin Brown , Dianne Taylor , Robyn Beazley , Robyn Butt, Mona Olson , Will Wiseman , Ray Finn & Jill Curry

The Plan

3 Days and 3 Nights of Spirit Led Worship, Bible Reading Marathon , Sitting at Jesus Feet , Commissioning and Holy Spirit Encounters


We will build an altar of continuous worship over three days and nights focussing on Jesus. As the Holy Spirit leads us, we will read the Bible from cover to cover, sing the Word through praise and worship, dance the Word with banners and wait on the Lord in humility and repentance, then declare, proclaim and decree His Word. We will call forth the Living Water (Ezek 47) and God’s fire from the heart of the nation as has been prophesied by many people. We hope to gather representatives from 10 regions of Australia and the islands to dedicate the physical and spiritual riches God has given their area back to Him.


Generation Fire will be having some sessions throughout the 3 Days for those who are coming for the National Gathering.  There will be an Annual General Meeting held.  More details will be released closer to the event. For most of the time we will all be together with everyone coming from the 10 Different regions

The Strategy

The strategy is to dedicate ourselves as individuals and our nation to the Lord by coming together in unity and humility to exalt the Lord for three days and nights. As we worship and wait on God, we allow Him to break us and mould us to be instruments to make us a royal priesthood and a holy nation of living stones.


Though there are many Tribes , Tongues and Nations , And we come from many places there is One who invites us to be a part of His Family and it is for this reason we come together.  

Jesus Christ (Yeshua) King of Kings & Lord of Lords desires us to Gather as One. He adopts us into His Tribe , His Family so we can all be One Mob, a Jesus Mob, a Fire Mob.  No Longer is it about the colour of Skin because we have the same blood (The Blood of Christ)

So we will stand together as Brothers and Sisters as Family and in Love & Unity.

We will say no to the Old Ways & Old Laws which binds people in chains and puts communities in bondage and fear.. We as one family and generation will discover His Ways by His Spirit, Sing New Songs, Have New Dreams, New Dances, New Stories and make New Declarations that will Honour God and that will release the Blessing of God and the Outpouring of His Spirit across this land.


On the Final day of Melted Hearts as One there will be a Re-enactment of the Australian & NZ Lighthorse Charge of Beersheba which will be led by Aboriginal Riders to remember the Aboriginal soldiers who gave their lives at war.

In Final Session we will be giving time to allow for everyone to be prayed for and be commissioned as Fire Starters.




NEW !!  We are inviting people to put their name down to participate in Worship & Prayer during the evenings at Melted Hearts.   Below is a spreadsheet with all the times available.  If you have difficulty putting your name in - please email


There is going to be a 24hour bible reading marathon that will start 10pm on Monday 9th October. Bring your bibles, and on arrival please visit the Bible Reading Marathon Desk to sign up.  The bible you bring needs to have a complete translation of the passage of scripture you read.

More about the GATHERING

Venue:  Ayers ROCK RESORT Yulara NT




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To minimise administration we will not be accepting registrations via post.   We can take phone calls and we will accept email registrations.