Generation Fire

A Generation Called to Carry and Spread the Fire of God

Generation Fire is a international movement contending for a generation to carry and spread the fire of God.

We do this through a lifestyle of hosting his presence fuelled by Worship & Prayer furnaces , gatherings of revivalists and sending teams to nations. 


A Tribute to Freddie Mannie

I had the priviledge of meeting Freddie Mannie during my second visit to the Solomon Islands in 2007 , Freddy was a young man full of life a man of God who had already traveled , done many things alot of locals would never do.

He had been to the USA, Australia, Europe .  In 2009 he visited Australia for the first time , helped us moved house, he came to a Generation Fire Boot Camp and then shared his vision and heart for the Solomon Islands.

In 2010 we sent a team across and he had organised the whole itinerary ,  in 2011 we came for a second time and he had just spent 6 months at Ihop but returned home quite sick with Pneumonia.

It was also the Beginning of 2011 that Freddy had helped organised a team from the Solomons and toured Australia and a deep and special friendship grew.

We shared many things together, dreams, stories, we prayed together, we laughed together, we travelled together seeing the Fire of God break out in many places.

We had lived the dream together as we gave our all to follow Jesus.

Freddy represented the next generation of the Solomon Islands and there are many others like him.  In the end a Tropical Bug had entered into Freddies lungs and there was no cure.  We all believes and prayed for Freddies recovering. 

However his journey has now come to and end and he has run his race.

For all those in the Solomon Islands - We encourage you to continue with the Legacy that Freddy picked up - Rise Up and unite and give your all to Follow Jesus -  Be this generation who carry and spread the fire of God to the nations.

By Donny McGregor