Generation Fire

A Generation Called to Carry and Spread the Fire of God

Generation Fire is a international movement contending for a generation to carry and spread the fire of God.

We do this through a lifestyle of hosting his presence fuelled by Worship & Prayer furnaces , gatherings of revivalists and sending teams to nations. 


The Gospel of this Kingdom

In this post - I am reflecting on a theme that has come up several times in the last few weeks about the Kingdom of God.  As we continue in this season of listening it seems that what the Holy Spirit is highlighting to the church is focus on the Gospel of the Kingdom.

In Matthew 24 - Matthew writes that when the Gospel of the Kingdom has gone to the Ends of the Earth or every tribe tongue and nation then the End Shall Come.

What is the Gospel of the Kingdom ??

Jesus taught that the Kingdom is within , and with the Kingdom comes righteousness , peace and joy.  In Matthew 10:7 Jesus commissioned the Disciples to go and Preach the Gospel of the Kingdom, Heal the sick, Cleanse the lepers.  When Jesus had ascended to heaven he sent the Holy Spirit to fill us and empower us to Preach theGospel.  Its stops there for so many people.  What has always been in Gods heart is that we discover the Mystery to the Gospel which is more than just words but it is Life and Spirit. The spoken word of God which is like a seed that goes into our heart and bears much fruit.  In this end time move of God.  The seed of Gods word is in our heart and it burns within.  Within it we carry all that heaven is, Righteousness peace and joy and his burning flame.  If we only knew all that God has given to us through the Holy Spirit,  and the truth of Gods word pentrating our hearts. Transforming us , the Holy Spirit empowering us. 

Nations beckon your arrival , the broken , the hurting, the sick. They all yearn to see the reality of heaven on earth.

They long to encounter the true expression of Jesus in people, to see truelly the burning flame of love in you and me.  

As a whole movement this is why we have been created to be messengers, to be his Fire Starters and Carry the Kingdom in our hearts and to Bring the Kingdom to where he sends us.

Sydney Gets Shakened

This last week in Australia , Terror struck in the heart of the City.  On Monday an Individual who was originally from Iran , also a Cleric who had converted from Shia to Sunni version of Islam and entered into the Lindt Cafe in Martin Place and had close to 20 people held hostage for up to 24hours.

This rocked the nation , 2 people died and many more could have died.  The response that followed had both highs and lows.

Many Christians filled Martin Place with Love, Prayers for Victims Families. There was many calls for Unity and the whole of Martin Place was filled with Flowers as an expression of Love.

Many thought something like this could never come to Sydney but it did.  On Friday morning just gone a group of Christians gathered for something called Let Hope Arise.  

In Social Media land you have had Hash Tags such as I will ride will you appear and become viral this hashtag has sparked contraversy as its intend was to promote Love yet the purpose who posted the hashtag did not have Love in mind.

As we reflect on the chain of events that have occurred in the last week.  We need to look at the Facts.. Whatever we make think about the why , the what and the how the more important thing is how to we move forward.

It has taken a Terror Attack to wake up Christians in Sydney to come to their knees.  It takes a crisis for people realise its not business as usual.

There is more division appearing in the Body of Christ between those who hold a conservative political value system with those who are progressive or are more focussed on Social issues rather than moral.   The Hashtag (I'll ride with you) originated from a local Greens candidate in Brisbane who whilst on the train heard about the situation in Sydney but instead of thinking about the hostages thought what would the aftermath be on Muslims and how would they be treated.  Even thought Muslims were not actually the victims but customers and staff of the Lindt Cafe.

The whole motive started in the wrong place - what eventuated was people took the understand that (I will ride with You) was about encourage people to Love one another and note hate.  No one can't disagree with the message of Love.

How do we as Followers of Christ lead the charge in these situations.

The Simple ( I'll Pray for You ) seems to be the way to go.  Jesus loved the sinner , we are called to love our enemies and to bless those who curse us.  How do we respond to those who want to Kill us that is an even greater challenge to comprehend.

If we are to reflect Jesus and to be Jesus we need to look to him in every moment in every situation.  One thing we can take from the events of last week. Is that there is no room for complacency in this day and age.  There is no room for Lukewarmness.  

This is the hour to come together and to unite , this is the hour for us all across the City to Gather in different places to Seek His Face.


Being a friend of God. You [are like] unfaithful wives [having illicit love affairs with the world and breaking your marriage vow to God]! Do you not know that being the world's friend is being God's enemy? So whoever chooses to be a friend of the world takes his stand as an enemy of God.

Navigating in Uncertain Times

Since Returning from Tasmania something major has shifted in the World.

I wanted to speak and address some things as we can all easier get caught up in controversy and begin to react with fear and then make decisions that could be rash.

So what has changed , Violence , and increased level of Anti Semitism , Hatred and Persecution towards Christians, Wars, Famines, Earthquakes  Signs in the Sky.

The Conflict in the Middle East , The Escalation of events in Iraq and Syria has stirred up a lot of people.As I have looked at Scripture , I again read through Matthew Chapter 24.

What I would like to encourage everyone to do is firstly hear the words of Jesus ( Do Not Be Troubled)

Right now the End Times message, Biblical Prophecy Teaching is becoming popular, again I would encourage that we all be spending more time in the Word of God.  Let us be informed and aware of what is happening around the world so that we can pray effectively.

What is of greater importance is that we continue to hear Gods voice, and that we continue in being obedient in the Call that God has given to each of us.

Teaching on Repentance , and Holiness needs to be balanced out with Teaching on Grace and on  being intimate lovers and followers of Jesus Christ. How we live our lives as Disciples now that we have repented and we have chosen the narrow path.  The Teaching on Holiness and Repentance is not to produce shame and fear.  

Biblical Prophecy is not to drive us to live in fear. It is to confirm the times and seasons to which we now live in. The 3 things Jesus teaches us - Do not be Troubled,  Have no fear , Do not Worry,  Do not be Anxious that is the best advice we can take at this time.

How to be best prepare ourselves to be Ready for His Return

A)  Be radical followers and Lovers of Jesus Christ ( Be in Love, Be Holy , Be Set Apart)

B)  Form Kingdom Communities - Family & Community are the crux of all that happens

C)  We need to fast track Prayer Furnaces

D) Send out Firestarters with a Kingdom Now Word from the Lord, Filled with the Spirit of God, with Signs and Wonders following the Preaching of the word.

E)  Encouraging the Seers to See and Hear,  The Prophets to Discern and listen to the Holy Spirit of Key Events and speak into them bringing correction and guidance.

F)  Gatherings under the Radar  - Experiencing His Presence, Providing Places for Encounter

We need to do our part in making disciples , restoring davids tent, ensuring the Gospel gets to all people groups so the end can come.

Ensuring that the different parts of the Bride we are connected with are Ready, the Oil is full, Lamps are burning,  Lets get all the healing we can, all the Restoration we can so we are without Spot and blemish.

We still create a culture of presence, we still train others how to host the Presence of God.  The More the World gets darker the more we are to shine the brighter - to love more ,  to heal more, to be Jesus more. So let us be Sober , Be Prepared for His Return,  But Let us Live in Joy, Love and Peace and Fire and not in Fear and in Shame.


The New Season

If what we are entering into is truelly a new season. God is certainly doing something left field. We have observed a change of season in the last month. Its a season of Ease and its a season where suddenlies happen. A season where the unexpected happens. Surprise God is not in the box. He has come to blow us away. I am just amazed how we have seen Gods Favor now we need to embrace his blessings. We are pursuing the heart of the father.

A new Season

Hello again its been a while since my last post. What can I say about the last few months. 2013 has seen so much change. In my previous posts I shared on the different words that God had spoken at the start of the year. And we have seen the winds of change blow very strong. It has been since the start of the New Hebrew Year we have seen increase , promotion and seeing the grace of God being released. We are in a season of ease and suddenlies. Where the unexpected is actually taking place. In the last month we saw all the debts wiped out for the ministry. We saw God open a door to move into our new base what is called the fire hub. We saw the first 2 weeks of rent provided before we even moved in. We have seen God provide a new treasurer. We have seen God confirm dates for the next international gathering. And confirm a new venue. And theme and we really have done too much yet. More than this 2 genfire communities are forming together. This has all occurred since we had been given the word New Season. We give God all the Glory with what he has been doing.

We shall see His Glory

Last night at the Western Sydney Prayer Furnace God had moved and touched and spoken to many people.
We have seen an increase of the presence of God during the worship sets. Last night there was a clear theme coming through different people that as we engage with the Holy Spirit in worship and intercession the Holy Spirit is actually bringing the hearts of people together. It is the holy spirit that is bringing tne unity. And the prayer of Jesus is being fulfilled and we will see his glory. We were receiving revelation last night and seeing the holy spirit move through different people. What we are seeing is a generation beginning to awaken. God was moving through children., young adults and spiritual fathers. All different ages and that it is a generation and God is raising up. Its not the next generation it is you and I. Last night we saw many different waves deep love being poured out. To prophetic declarations to impartation where people were receiving the baptism of the holy spirit for the first time.

With all that happened last night the clear message is that he is calling us to awaken because he wants to show us His glory. Jesus is coming and His Glory will cover the earth as water covers the seas.

Change Part 2

This year has gone so fast and yet I feel it is a beginning of the new year. Yet we are almost 6 months into 2013. Today I had a divine encounter with a man of God who I would say moves in the ministry gift of the Apostle. Earlier this year when I received a word from the lord in what season we are in. It was quite clear that as we enter our 7th year as a movement that we would be going through significant change.
And the is a wind that is below a hot wind that fans the flame and its called change. Winds of change. It was clear that the flame of the lord was going to change the shape of our hearts and the way we come to him.

It is clear that God is saying to us as his people and lovers and followers of Jesus Christ. That there is a call to a far greater level of trust and intimacy. More than that as apart of this total dependancy on God. He is saying to us no longer can we do things the way we have. Making decisions and choices without hearing his voice. Infact we cant function as his church. Our Heavenly Father wants to engage in our lives so much so we are completely one with him.

We are to come to him for everything. We are to waite to hear his voice before making our plans and decisions. We can no longer second guess God. We need him to lead us and be our Gps.

This is the line in the sand what will distinguish the new wine skin. What will distinguish end time ministries. The Firestorm is almost upon us and it will burn up everything that is of the flesh. Everything that is of man, human endeavours in the name of christ will go up in smoke. If God has not ordained what you are doing then we need to cease from that work.

So this is a clear directive as a movement that we all need to cease from our works and to come to the Father for all things. He is waiting and longing to take us into his chamber.


On January 4th - our family was taking a week off from everything to just rest and have downtime as a family, we spent the week in Tasmania and caught up with friends.

Friday 4th is a day in the history books as it became known as the hottest day in the history of tasmania.  That morning we spend some time in prayer with some ywamers as we were staying at the base for the week.

God began to speak to the group about Change - Firstly we saw a vision of the Map of Australia where it was Red Hot all the way down from Darwin to Tasmania - There was not one place that didn't get impacted by intense heat.  Australia is a nation called to burn for Jesus.

I began to seek the Lord as to what is going on , and what God began to show me was that what we are seeing and what he is doing is bringing Change to this nation.

It is so radical that is like a complete transformation , metamorphises.  The change begins in our heart - The Father will change our Revelation of how we see him, he will change how we love, how we pray , how we worship, he will change our we come together as the church or be church. 

I am learning bits as it comes - On Love  - Many others are hearing that there is a wave of radical love coming to the church - this would fit because the kind of Love that God is going to release will cause us to carry no offense. No longer will we have offense in our hearts between brothers and sisters.

We will be happy to ask Jesus to remove the log in our eye, Confessing to our brothers and sisters that we have a log, The problem is us not others. If the church is to be healed - we need to recognise we are the problem not the other person.

Walking in Humility - Finding the low place , As the river flows to the lowest place. 

There is an urgency for change to come - When I saw the a vision of a wave of Fire and Glory coming - It was revealed to me that this Fire would change the face of the church.

1 Corinthians 15 speaks about what will happen when Jesus returns we will be changed, Everytime we encounter the presence of God , and we allow the Holy Spirit to be at work in our lives he is changing us.

We need to come to god for everything, we can no longer second guess the Holy Spirit , preempt what he is upto or what he is going to do.

We need to come to him like Children , and ask him , come to him with our requests, share with him what is on our hearts, and then put our trust in him to respond with an outcome.

2013 will be a year of change, it will be a year where small steps become long jumps. Big Leaps of Faith - Taking Risks for the Kingdom of God. Believing in the Crazy Miracles that Jesus wants to do.

Jesus I embrace Change - Bring Change in Me so I maybe more like you.

A new wave is coming

I have just returned from the World prayer assembly which was hosted just outside of jakarta the capital of indonesia. The IPC which is a body that brings together prayer networks from around the world. The last week has been a time that will be recorded in church history where prayer leaders from around the world gathered together in unity. An incredible site to see thousands in one accord and worshipping the king.

Getting the latest trends and updates on what god is doing around the world. On the relational side being able to catch up with friends who I havent seen for years. An incredible time hearing all that god is doing. There is definately a new wave coming and it is a wave of glory and fire. God is moving sovereingly in nations. I would say that indonesia is leading the world when it comes to unity. In one day 120,000 fill a stadium and 356 cities mobilised to unite in prayer what an amazing thing to take place.

What can god do in other nations.

A new wave is coming are you ready to catch it.

Stirrings in Sydney

For the Last Few weeks we have been reading in the daily newspapers reports of gun shots being fired into peoples homes in the inner west and south western parts of sydney.

This appears to now be getting out of hand and you could perhaps say there is some form of gang warfare taking place with driving by shootings , Police have been involved in pursuits of armed gang members resulting in fatalities in some places.

Some times as believers we can be what is the word - indifferent, we see the crime figures , we see the spiritual state of the church.

Sydney has its problems - and on the outside it looks like Sydney is getting worse.

The only answer to seeing a decrease in crime or stability in the community is the Message of the Gospel, The Gospel of the Kingdom.

It is also a canopy of sustainable night and day prayer - where the people of god have given themselves to prayer and fasting for the City.

Sydney alone the Biggest City in Australia needs a massive spiritual cleanout.

However we the church are our own worst enemy, we put our own church programs, agendas and ministries first - Instead of actually coming to God in prayer and asking what are the things that are on his heart.


If we just cease from our own works, and spend time listening to his voice, even on matters that we read about in the newspaper.  We would see a turn around , if churches and ministries would partner together.


Let us continue in pursuing the Kingdom of God first, ask him how we should pray - especially for Peace in our City. 


If we would have more churches partnering with Generation Fire- More Prayer Furnaces could happen, and more unity between ministries, more of his presence, more of his love and fire - that would break out on the streets.

Perhaps some of these Gang leaders, would melt under the heat of Gods presence if they were to drive past a Furnace.

What could God do - if we just follow him, and obey his word....

Cultivating a new Sound

In recent weeks there have been some rumblings and perhaps you could say groans in the spirit for god to birth a new sound in australia. Australia so different unique so different. More than this we are finding a uniqueness in Dna with Generation fire as a movement. It begins with thanks giving , from there to gazing into his beauty. At the recent heartfelt gathering we found that god began to move us into a place where collectively as a group we began to cultivate a new sound. A new model an aussie for hosting the presence of god.

We able to see a marriage between prophetic worship , intercession , justice and creative arts. We saw gods presence released.

It was wonderful now its learning how to carry this.

We so desire for the Australian church to stop cloning and discover their own sound.

2012 Here We Are

Well its been a while since I posted something on this Blog.

I usually tend to post articles on the monthly newsletter.

I was wandering what i should write.  So much commentary has already been made about this year.  What we could say or confirm is that many people are hearing the same thing , that this year is about Harvest, Government and so on.

We always saw 2012 and 2011 together - well thats the way the holy spirit showed us. But we are getting more specific words.

The start of this year - the lord has been speaking profoundly around the Word Anna and that God is calling his church to a much deeper and greater level of prayer and intimacy.  The culture of night and Day prayer needs to be embraced by the body of christ - that is the fuel to seeing harvest.

In the Gospel of Luke we read about Anna a Prophetess who has spent most of her life in the temple in night and day fasting and prayers and she gets to hold Jesus when he was a Child. She then goes to proclaim the good news to all that she came across.

We see a clear marriage between prayer and mission where it began in Night and Day Prayer and from that place began to Preach the Gospel.

Today we tend to preach without going into that place.  The only way we are going to see the Kingdom advance is through night & Day prayer arising across nations - accompanied with the preaching of the gospel.


A Word came across recently that really spoke and confirmed a few things from the Open Heaven Network.



(The first part of the 21st century has brought the restored revelation of the Gospel of the Kingdom - the reality of the kingdom of God coming to earth from heaven – the fullness of the message of “Christ in you the hope of glory” on earth – the reality of Christ Jesus abiding in His temple (our bodies) by the Holy Spirit to do the work that He began in His natural body over 2000 years ago - the powerful realization that Christ did not leave us orphans but that He came to us in the Holy Spirit just as He promised – this and much more are bringing the reality of the kingdom of God on earth. This is fueling the beginnings of possibly the most powerful wave of outpouring ever to come upon the earth.

Religion has not the power or the strength to adjust to this outpouring. Multitudes are abandoning religion and many are abiding in wilderness type life while being changed and longing to connect into The New Century Outpourings. Church systems cannot contain or control the new outpouring. The head of it is not in a church system or any religious organization. The focus of this outpouring is not huge meetings of platform ministry headed by a few leaders. This is an outpouring upon the people of God, not just the platforms and systems of ministry. This is heaven at ground level in houses, businesses, in the parks, at the restaurant, and wherever two or three or more are gathered in His name. Yes, there will be large city-wide type gatherings, but the solid base is Christ in the smaller core groups in homes, businesses, storefronts, or wherever people connect in Him.

This is an outpouring of GOD’S HOLY FIRE! This outpouring of FIRE is released by man pushing the “HIGH” faith button, the fire releasing button that is still in our hands. All the things of the previous waves are included but the message goes beyond to the reality of the end of many things and the entrance of the full kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven coming forth wherever there are people who will leave the past and lunge forward into the realm of the Spirit to embrace the King and His glorious kingdom.

At this moment on God’s eternal clock, the pure and holy are being placed by the Spirit into core groups to steward and bring forth the New Century Outpouring. There shall nothing enter in and remain that defiles. No religious-coated lust or pride will be allowed to remain. These who enter and remain are humble, pure people - broken and weak in natural strength, but alive in total faith and love toward God and willing to lay down the past to gain the experience of intimately knowing Him as Lord, Savior, and King - one with the Father and fully abiding in us by His Holy Spirit.

Many Cells of the New Century Outpourings

I believe there will be many set-on-fire people who are even now or very soon abandoning their past ways of meeting or gathering to be released into a Holy Spirit Fire-Fall pouring out among them. Led by the Spirit to do and say things they may have only dreamed about or seen in visions in the past. Visions and dreams from God are coming to pass now for those who will push the “High” faith fire-releasing button. Always the focus will be the King and His kingdom coming forth now in our lives and subsequently in the world. The gospel of the kingdom is now being preached and demonstrated in the fresh outpouring of God in spots across the land.

There is such a thing beginning to happen here in the foot hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains near Mt. Airy, North Carolina. Humble and simple people are quietly set on fire of the Spirit and are boldly moving into realms of fresh outpouring of the Spirit of God.

Like many parts of our world, this area has been greatly under the rule of religion and dominance of religious spirits. Much of the previous waves have been rejected or hidden from the people here. However, spiritual war is being waged against the powers of darkness, and eyes are being opened as a core is coming together for this area in The New Century Outpouring.

It is God’s will and purpose that the message of the increasing Holy Spirit fire and bright light of the kingdom purify the people to leave their past lives and walk in the Holy Fire and love reality of the new century outpouring of God in many places across the land. This is not such a new thing but an increase in intensity as people activate the High level of believing and religious spirit coverings over the areas are being weakened and moving out.

Have you and I come to this world for such a time as this? Is there any good reason to hold back and cling to the past? Behind us is ashes and ahead of us the garden of God. Lift up your heads and look up. The heavens are open and the glorious spiritual kingdom of God, the New Jerusalem of God is coming down from heaven. We are being prepared as a Bride to rule and reign with Christ in and among us now. Arise, shine for your light has come and the glory of God is upon you. Let all that has breath praise Him!)

By Ron McGatlin

When I read words like this - by whole inner being leaps with excitement knowing this word bears witness. It is a word in season.

So let us all go to this journey to a much deeper place and lower place.

The River always flows to the lowest Place.  Jesus who is our magnificient and glorius king is wanting to reveal himself in such a most amazing way.  He is the Glory of God revealed we need to all seen him for who he is.  He is coming as King to rule and reign he is so worthy of our Worship and Adoration - let us give him our all.  And Make Jesus Christ our Magnificient Obsession

Hope you were blessed by this post


Preparing For His Return

This is really the word in Season

In my travels I have been getting confirmation after Confirmation that as the Body of Christ too many people are hanging out for Jesus to Return - instead of Preparing for His Return.

There is a defeatist spirit over the church. We have got to move from passiveness to being proactive.

From being in Slumber to being in Love and Alive and Full of the Spirit of God.

Those in five fold ministry gifts need to mobilize the church to be battle ready.

We need to be in ship shape expecting and ready for the Return of The King.


The Call of Fire Starter is to prepare the way for His Return.  

Let us begin to take the first steps

Rumblings, Stirrings and Shakings

Well these last few months we have seen major catostrophic events across the earth.

In the Body of Christ there is also an increasing in Shaking.

Persecution is on the increase, so are splits between ministries, Families are under assault.

This is a time an hour where we truelly have to make Jesus the Anchor of our lives.

To immerse our selves in his word, to have a prayer life where we are so close to his own heart.

We are seeing in this day and age a new stirring in the hearts of people.

There are stirrings happening here and there -where his people have a deeper desire to unite in prayer, to cry out to God for more of his presence.

Also with Shakings - God is beginning to shake the very core foundations of the church.

More to come- Over and out for now

Creation is Groaning & Everything is being Shaken.

In the last 2 months we have seen events taken place where you can really only look to the Bible to get a grip of things.

The Apostle Paul who is the author of the Epistle of Romans - writes in Chapter 8 on how the whole of creation groans in waiting for the revealing of the sons of God.

Several prophetic words were released in the last 2 years warning of an increase of shakings.

What does this all lead too.

Wars, Earthquakes, floods and fires and also plagues.

These are the beginning of birthpaigns the scripture tells us.   

We are now entering into a time and season where as the church we need to begin shine and begin to be at the forefront in shaping culture.

As firestarters and fire carriers - we need to answer the call quickly in preparing the way for the Return of the King- Being King Jesus.

Wolfgang Simson wrote a challenging article on how we as Kingdom people should respond to the crisis in Japan.

"As you will see, this is a different kind of mail about Japan. It is time to go beyond the superficial oh-my-goodness-condolences, stunned speechlessness and the feeling of powerlessness. It is not enough to sit in front of the TV and passively watch, while the media is in a feeding frenzy, driving the reality show with ever new twists and gruesome pictures – without any Kingdom answers, but with record viewers for their TV ads. 

Kingdom people do not see things the way the worlds sees it. And therefore they do not respond the way the world responds. They respond in alignment with the King. They don´t just ask, what is happening, but why is it happening. God, beyond your works, what are your ways? What is the Kingdom significance of all this? 

As anyone can see, something of an apocalyptic nature is happening on the planet, to the planet and sometimes through the planet; something that at this intensity and speed has not happened before. The tip of the iceberg: In the year 2008, Reinsurance giant “Swiss Re” lists 311 (173 of them “man- made”) catastrophes for that year, killing about 250.000 people and costing 7.4 billion US $. Add to this the credit crisis. Year 2009: Swiss-Re lists 850 catastrophes (damage of 50 $ b); Year 2010: Swiss-Re lists 950 catastrophes with about 295.000 dead (and a damage of 130 billion $); 250.000 alone die after the earthquake in Haiti; worst floods in Pakistan’s history displaces millions; mud buries folks in China, and fires devastate the area around Mt. Carmel in Israel. Year 2011, so far: Australia experiences unimaginable draught, fire and floods. Much of the inner city of Christchurch (New Zealand) is leveled, its Cathedral badly damaged. Speak of a symbolic place… The Arab world is like a sea in uproar…"

Donny is back - So thats just a little bit of Wolfgang for you - the challenge in front of us is enormous.

Creation is groaning - Romans 8:22

In Matthew 24 - A man asks Jesus about what will the sign be to signal his return?

Look at what Jesus says 

Tell us, when will these things be? What is the sign of your coming, and of the end of the age?"


Mat 24:4 Yeshua answered them, "Be careful that no one leads you astray.

Mat 24:5 For many will come in my name, saying, 'I am the Messiah,' and will lead many astray.

Mat 24:6 You will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you aren't troubled, for all this must happen, but the end is not yet.

Mat 24:7 For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom; and there will be famines, plagues, and earthquakes in various places.

Mat 24:8 But all these things are the beginning of birth pains.

Mat 24:9 Then they will deliver you up to oppression, and will kill you. You will be hated by all of the nations for my name's sake.

Mat 24:10 Then many will stumble, and will deliver up one another, and will hate one another.

Mat 24:11 Many false prophets will arise, and will lead many astray.

Mat 24:12 Because iniquity will be multiplied, the love of many will grow cold.

Mat 24:13 But he who endures to the end, the same will be saved.

Mat 24:14 This Good News of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world for a testimony to all the nations, and then the end will come.

So the word is clear - and does speak into times and seasons.

Let us arise - and live out the call that Jesus has places in our lives.

A Word about the Season we are in 2011/2012

We are entering into what could be an amazing next 12 months.  It is only of recent times that dates and times become more strategic as we begin to understand the dealings of God and the way he moves.

The lord has been speaking through his word about this coming year.

What themes do we pick up from Scripture concerning the number 11


John 11:11

Revelations: 11:11

Isaiah 61:1 and 11

So let us start with the biblical meaning of number 11


The Bible has 22 hebrew letters in the alphabet. The llth letter  is the word Kaph which means the Palm of the hand.

The General Theme coming across is the throne of Gods Glory.

But there is a clear word that has been coming thru these particular verses.

Resurrection, The Glory of God, The Breath of God breathing life , the new things birthing.

In John 11:11 – Jesus is sharing with his disciples that Lazarus has fallen asleep where in fact he had died.  And Jesus made the statement- And I am going to wake him up.

In Revelation 11:11  This passage speaks about the 2 witnesses who prophesied and moving in the power of Elijah.

They die for 3 and half days then in verse 11 the breadth of God enters into them and the fear of God falls on the people.

So hear you have a parallel where the theme is Resurrection and Jesus himself says he is the Resurrection and the Life.

Isaiah 61:11 – Continues with a similar theme and speaks into praise springing forth into the earth. The lord will cause righteousness and praise to spring forth all around the world.

This ties in with the Verse in Malachi 1:11 In every place incense shall be offered in my name and a pure offering.

This is all about the life of the Spirit of God breaking out- the Glory of the Lord covering the earth as water covers the sea.


It’s a word about a massive outpouring of the Holy Spirit which is fuelled through Prayer and worship.

But one key thing that came through was Revelations Chapter 10:5-7 it speaks about an Angel raises his hand toward heaven and swore by him who lives for ever, speaking of God as the Creator, and that there should be no more delay.

Up until this point there had been some holding back but as we enter into 2011 we are seeing God establish the Throne of His Glory across the earth, and we are seeing a release of Resurrection, we are seeing incense and praise and righteousness being released.

We are seeing things that were dead spring forth into life.

Callings, Ministries, Prayer Furnaces spring forth has his people gather to offer incense, and a pure offering.

The Call is for something pure to be released from the this part of the world. To bring to him a pure offering.

What a year

I can't believe its the end of one year.  

As we cross over into 2011, I will include a special article that went out in the last newsletter that has a teaching on the biblical meaning of No 11.

You will be amazed how each number speaks into something different.

Stay Tuned for more blogs as we go into the new year

From Ice to Fire

Hey there

We are currently sitting in a lounge in transit at Budapest airport. Next stop Finland

We have just spend 4 days in Bulgaria, and 3 days in England amazing how time flies.

I hope to had some more to this entry when I am more awake- Ive only had 4 hours sleep today.

So looking forward to having a night off.

Tomorrow night will be another meeting in Helsinki and that should wrap up the Tour for 2010.

Well  God has spoken, challenged, amazed me in so many ways.

I thank Jesus for the 70 people who made decisions for christ in the last day- 2 meetings 2 different cities.

And we are seeing that Bulgaria is ripe for the harvest.

One of the miracles that has not be told so far- was on the Friday - we were standing outside the main orthodox catherdral in Sofia.

Filip was trying to get me to go inside, and i just have this thing- where I just don't go into Cathedrals with High Sealings.

Well- I started to turn the otherway,  there was this women in a wheel chair who seemed in real need.

The Holy Spirit prompted me to go to her. So Filip followed and this other guy who was with us - we decided we would pray for this women to be healed.

Well what took place- after we had prayed for healing- she got out of her wheel chair- she hadn't be able to stand for 4 years.

It was like John and Peter praying for a crippled man in front of Gate beautiful.

This was truely a sign of things to come and to demonstrate to the locals all we need to do is be available and see God do mighty works.

We saw others healed of back pain,  stomach pains , and other conditions.

Many many people received the Fire of the Holy Spirit in a real way.

More to come- off to finland now


Reflections on the last week

As I reflection on the last week , I am taking notice that something is definately beginning to stir in Australia.

As much as I am discontent on still how slow things are happening, you can't deny that their is something sovereign taking place in many different locations, God is starting to pour out his spirit in different places, there is a deeper hunger for God , however this is in pockets.

We had an amazing time in Moruya during the South Coast Tour - Visiting Moruya, Ulladulla and Wollongong.

This amazing sense that God wants to ignite the whole southcoast won't go away.

So its something I will continue to contend for. Then to bring the focus back to Sydney- God is stirring up Blacktown again.


The potential  of the City opening up and seeing on going sustained united prayer this is music to the ears as more and more people are craving for more of Gods presence.

From the word- this week God spoke clearly through Psalm 22:3 and Psalm 139  - God Inhabits the praises of his people.

And Where can I hide from your presence?  His presence goes where ever we go. He is everywhere

What we come to the realisation is that  - Habitation is his intention , as we become a worshipping people as way of life, prayer and devotion, spending time in getting to know him, offering our praise to him - He comes by default to inhabit, to dwell, to live, find a home in our hearts so we are consumed by him.

And as he leads and directs our steps where we set a foot he is there.

He goes before us, and is with us and is continously ever present and coming.

Wooaahh- What an amazing God we serve.

So whenever and where ever you can - where he is calling you to light a fire, to start a Prayer Furnace - He will inhabit, He will Pour Out His Fire, HE Will release His Fire and Glory and Totally consume YOU.

So Come on then, Lets Get on with What God has for us all, That is to Baptise us with Glory and Fire.