Generation Fire

A Generation Called to Carry and Spread the Fire of God

Generation Fire is a international movement contending for a generation to carry and spread the fire of God.

We do this through a lifestyle of hosting his presence fuelled by Worship & Prayer furnaces , gatherings of revivalists and sending teams to nations. 


A Special Word from Kris Schlyder

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The Lord had me attend the Generation Fire International Gathering in Poatina in Tasmania  from 7-10 July 2014.

There were a number of brothers and sisters from our Australian Indigenous Prayer Network present at that conference. However the majority of attendees came from the Australian membership of Generation Fire, as well as men from Bangladesh and the Solomon Islands, two sisters from Canada, and a team of five (two brothers and three sisters) from our Anzac partner New Zealand.

In the days just before the conference the Lord guided me in the preparation of a talk on His raising of today’s spiritual Anzacs, which the leadership of Generation Fire had me present to the gathering on Tuesday morning 8 July. Members  of the Australian Indigenous Prayer Network will have already heard or read a fairly large portion of what I had to say, but there was also an updated portion including fresh revelation which they will not have heard.

After I spoke, quite a number of people came to me and said that I needed to share that message widely within the Body of Christ, as it was all new to them, and that is was important for Australian Christians to hear. I sought the Lord about His will for that, and He instructed me to write a PDF document drawn from my notes which I used that day, and to send it out widely within the Body of Christ. He also directed me to prepare and send out as a PDF document a description of the Battle of Beersheba on 31 October 1917, based on the military history facts of the battle.

Shortly after I returned from that conference the Israeli Defence Force entered Gaza as part of Operation Protective Edge, and as you know that became my priority focus for several weeks. Only after that warfare finished, was I able to produce the two PDF documents the Lord called me to make. Copies of both of those documents are attached to this email

The Lord has instructed me to ask you to share those documents widely among your Christian friends and within the Body of Christ.

To know more about the Calling over Spiritual Anzac's click below

 The Raising of Spiritual Anzacs 

Kris Schlyder has also written an accurate account on the Battle of Beersheva click below to read the account Kris has compiled together.

Kris Schlyder is the National Coordinator of the Australian Indiginous Prayer Network

The Battle of Beersheva




An Amazing weekend in the Blue Mountains

We have just come away from an amazing weekend at the Fire Hub with Rick Rupp.

This was a time for those involved with Generation Fire to hang out , worship, seek Gods face , hear his voice.

And that is exactly what happened with God really showing up with Thick Presence.  We were blessed to have Rick Rupp as a Guest , and 3 powerful messages were given.

There is much hope that God will start calling more people to become involved and we will see a real explosion in the prayer movement across Australia.


Gen Fire Melbourne

We live in exciting times. This weekend past, August 9-11 2013 saw the beginnings of Generation Fire Mobile Ministry schools launch in the the western gateway to Melbourne. Sureway International Ministries Australia hosted the very first mobile intensive school and it surpassed all expectation. We saw a hunger for a deeper intimacy with God arise from all who came and the I believe that God birthed a new anointing of revelation and miracles. 

From the moment we launched on the Friday night it was not hard to feel the presence of God and many people had their first real encounter with the Holy Spirit. The atmosphere on Friday night was very thick and the glory of God was showering over the place. It reminds me of the scripture in Exodus 40:34-38

 Then the cloud covered the Tent of Meeting, and the glory of the LORD filled the tabernacle. Moses could not enter the Tent of Meeting because the cloud had settled upon it, and the glory of the LORD filled the tabernacle. In all the travels of the Israelites, whenever the cloud lifted from above the tabernacle, they would set out; but if the cloud did not lift, they did not set out--until the day it lifted.  So the cloud of the LORD was over the tabernacle by day, and fire was in the cloud by night, in the sight of all the house of Israel during all their travels....

It reminds me of waiting upon the presence of God and moving only when He moved. This weekend was very much like the people of Israel. We waited until He moved and stayed when He stayed. Many people were delivered and others were just dancing in His presence. It was only a touch of what I believe is yet to come. 

Saturday we had the all day worskshops and I was very encouraged about the future and the future leaders that are rising out of their comfort zones. Saturday night was a very deep prayer night and the call to war was raised with the banner of Yeshua leading us on. Many people were touched by the presence of God and began prophesying and praying like warriors they are called to be. 

Sunday was a very significant day as we all worshiped God together as one church and rejoiced with the people from Sureway and again the presence of God was tangible and we saw healings and breakthrough in many people. God had gracefully opened the door for the team to go and minister with the people from LJC (Lord Jesus Church)  in Werribee, South West of Melbourne and again we saw the immense power of God rock the house and we had a powerful time in the Spirit. Marty Mitchell gave a powerful teaching on the connection between worship and prayer and the entire church was filled with God's anointing. 

I rejoice with what our Father has done and is doing and I know this is the beginning of something beautiful and powerful. The team that came to serve Donny McGregor, Marty Mitchell, Bob Crotchford, Shiree Lind and accompanied by Ben Newby and Daniel Nixon were a blessing to us all and led us into God's presence with humility and grace. I am thankful for what is going to transform in the coming days, weeks and months.... Onwards we march to glory guys!!!! 





Prepare The Way Highlights

Prepare The Way Report 

During the month of September a team embarked to travel to different towns and cities across Australia in response to a word that was given to the Generation fire leadership team in early 2011. 

The Tour commenced  on the 31st August and concluded on the 3rd October in Canberra. Teams Travelled to Darwin and spent a week in the Aboriginal Communities in Northern Australia then the tour came to Sydney then followed by the Blue Mountains, Northern Beaches then to Griffith NSW, and along the South Coast of nsw and concluded in Canberra for the National Gathering which was held over the long weekend.

We want to give all the Glory and Thanks to Jesus - as Jesus was the orchestrator of this Tour and opened the doors and  had made a way for our team to travel to the different places.
In Darwin, Griffith, Sydney and  Canberra - we witness God pour out his spirit, see a spiritual Breakthrough invividually and corporately, there were healings, God  encounters,  incredible revelation received.

The National Gathering that took place between the 30th September and the 2nd October saw a High Calibre of people come together from different states. And many new friendships were made, divine connections and a building of stronger and deeper foundations.
We had our first annual generation meeting in Canberra - and excited to share that a national  team has been formed and had its  first skype call with people joining in from Brisbane,  Canberra, Darwin, & Sydney. We also have a Represtative from Port Whyalla South Australia who just spent 3 weeks in Europe at the Euro Gathering for the 24-7 Movement.
Some of the Highlights from our time in Canberra were the God encounters during the Worship times, the Gathering itself just flowed like honey.  We had a great team to faciliate the direction the weekend would go. We had people share - the personal encounters with Jesus during one of the sessions- sharing how they were ministered to by the Holy Spirit and how it had changed them.  
What God spoke into - the friday evening was the removing of personal clutter- the clutter over the nation and in the church.  It is this clutter that has held us back as a nation from hearing Gods voice.
The Clutter has also been attributed to the culture of people in this nation - clinging to revelation from other nations rather than getting revelation for this nation. 
There was a fresh wind blowing as we were being enveloped by the Ruach breath of God breathing his life into us and  blowing away all the clutter.
The Saturday Morning  - the Holy spirit began to speak into the area of Identity - this has been such a crucial area in the Body of Christ- we so need to know who we are in Christ, to know we are his sons and daughters, to know what our purpose and call is.  We won't know that until we know we are Sons first.  Our identity is know in position or title but in our relationship with Jesus Christ.
The Saturday Evening - During the evening it was again a powerful in his presence - as we continued along this road to Prepare the way- The Holy Spirit began to reveal that the Heart of God was as Sons and Daughters we were to be affirmed and know how much he being our Heavenly Dad loves us as his Sons and Daughters and that this Love was a Heaven Kind of Love and it was beyond understanding and he wanted us to receive that love.
This was the seal - we were now in a place we could start to walk in the purpose that God had given to be carriers of his presence - to be firestarters and what was to come from this point was to Know his ways and to walk his paths.
Sunday Morning - After an amazing time in the presence of God - the whole team had met to get a sense of where God was taking this - and it was agreed that it was about the whole reason of coming together was to Prepare the way- but to do that we needed to know His Ways - so we could walk His Path that he has layed out.
This Path was to do with the Call of God over Australia - That we were to lay down the call over our own cities to pick up the Call over the nation for nations.
As we embrace the Call of God over Australia and the Great Southland of the Holy Spirit we will become the Apostolic and Prophetic Nation that God has called Australia to be.
And that it was now time for Australia to have her own voice and to walk in the fullness of all that God has in this nation.
To put aside the Tall Poppy syndrome, to lay down our City or State agenda - lay down the independant spirit. 
And to embrace Humilty.
What can we go away with - and where is God taking us  as a movement & Tribe - it is really to become a movement that embraces humility as a way of life.
The suspicsion that is in the Body of Christ has to go. The mistrust of one another has to go, The agenda of building your own kingdom has to go. 
If we are to be immitators of Christ as the bible teaches we need to learn how to love better, learn how to honor one another and  to in way serve on another- perhaps wash each other's feet.
The attitude of our nations church leaders - needs to change -especially in how we view leaders and ministries from different states.
We have got to stop this dependancy on someone elses revelation. And actually take the time to sit at Jesus feet and listen to his words.
Australia It's time to have your own voice - You have a unique calling, there is a unique sound and  cry that needs to be released in the nations.
Other nations are waiting for you to take your place and be all that God has called you to be.
DVD's and MP3's will be available for download or can be sent via the  post for a donation.
See the Resource Page for further details.
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Generation Fire in Australia

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We have created this page to share stories from those involved with Generation Fire from different parts of the nation - about events and things that are happening locally.

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